Set Up Hero_Go


  • Hero_Go requires a working instance of Hero_Flow.
  • Hero_Go requires the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Access to ports 80 (default HTTP), 443 (default HTTPs), 8080, and 8081.

The Hero_Go Google Chrome application can be found on: 

Download and Install Hero_Go

  1. Navigate to the Google Chrome Hero_Flow application and click Add to Chrome.

  2. Click Add extension.

  3. Hero_Go is then added to your extensions list and also appears in your Google Chrome tool bar.

Authenticate and Sign in to Hero_Go

  1. Click on the Hero_Go icon in your Google Chrome tool bar.

  2. Enter your username, password, and Hero_Flow server URL.

    The Hero_Flow server URL can be found by opening Hero_Flow and copying the base URL.

  3. Click Login.