Automation Menu Settings

Hero_Go Configuration Settings

Open Hero_Go's configuration settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.

The Hero_Go configuration settings allow for viewing or changing the Hero_Flow instance which Hero_Go is connected.

When updating an existing Hero_Flow instance URL, click Save to apply the change. 

Individual Automation Settings

A settings menu is available for each automation saved in Hero_Go. 

To access an automation's menu, click the three dot icon to the right of the automation.

The following menu options are available.


Click on Configure to toggle sending the automation data from Hero_Go to Hero_Flow.

Data is not sent by toggling the switch to the left.

Data is sent by toggling the switch to the right.


Click on Edit to open Hero_Go's edit view.

Click Record to enable recording for the automation.

When the Record button is red, automated tasks can be recorded.

To stop recording, click Record again so it is no longer red.

Click Play to start and view the automation running.

Click Save to save the the current actions in the automation. 


Rename the automation title by clicking Rename.

After entering an updated automation title, click OK.


Click Duplicate to create a copy of the automation file and its tasks.

Give the copy of the automation a name and click OK

The new automation is now within the automation file list.

Automations are allowed to have the same name though each automation has a unique ID.


Click Delete to permanently delete the automation from both Hero_Go and the Hero_Flow instance. 

There is no confirmation or recovery for a deleted automation. 

Copy ID

Click Copy ID to copy the automation's unique ID to your computer's clipboard.

View the automation's ID by pasting it into any text editor or field. 

Hero_Go Help

Click the question mark icon to open Hero_Go documentation.