Send Automation Data to Hero_Flow

After an automation file has been created in Hero_Go it can be sent to Hero_Flow to be accessed in the Flow Studio.

Send Hero_Go Automation Data to Hero_Flow

Once a Hero_Go automation file has been created, the data can be sent to Hero_Flow.

  1. Click on the three dot menu icon on the right side of the automation.
  2. Select Configure.

  3. Toggle the switch to the right.

  4. Click Save.

The automation data is sent to Hero_Flow each time the file is saved while the toggle is on.

Stop Sending Automation Data to Hero_Flow

By default, the setting to send Hero_Go automation data to Hero_Flow is turned off. 

  1. If the setting is in the on position, to stop sending Hero_Go automation data to Hero_Flow, toggle the setting back to the left.

  2. Click Save.