Getting Started with Insights

Prerequisites Required to Use Insights

Insights analyzes and reports on data passed to it through a Flow. Insights can be used after creating a Flow with the following building blocks. 


Connections are required to connect any Inputs and Outputs in a Flow developed for Insights.

There are two Insights-specific Connection types to directly access Insights features:


Inputs identify the data from your source information to use within Flows to create an automation.

For Insights business Process Mining and Metrics, Inputs identify the specific data you will use in a Flow developed for Insights. 


Outputs are where the results of a Flow are written.

There are two Insights-specific Outputs used to write data to Insights:


Automation Flows developed for Insights purposes are built as any Flow in Hero Platform_ is built. A Flow developed for Insights connects and inputs data to Hero Platform_, cleans and normalizes data as needed, and outputs the results to Insights Metrics and/or Process Mining Outputs.

Data can be accessed in Insights after the Flow runs and the results have been written to the Metrics and/or Process Mining Outputs.

Metric Sets

Metric sets are buckets created to hold content data from both Metrics and Process Mining Outputs. When a Flow is run with either a Metrics or Process Mining Output, the metric set is filled with the content data.

The available metric sets can be viewed from the main Hero Platform_ menu by opening Storage and selecting Metrics

The Metrics overview page displays all the metric sets that have been created in Hero Platform_.

These metric sets can be used in either Metrics or Process Map charts within Insights.

Metric Set Configuration

Click the gear icon under Settings in the row of a metric set to see the following actions:

  • Delete Metric Set - Deletes the metric set bucket as well as the content data within. 
    • A metric set cannot be deleted when the Output that created it still exists.
  • Delete Data - Deletes the content data within the metric set leaving the metric set bucket empty.

After the content data has been collected in a metric set, deleting the Output does not affect the metric set or its content data.

Insights Features

Data Visualization Reporting

Using the metric set data created from a Metrics Output, Insights has multiple widgets that can visually display data in a variety of different configurations.  

Process Map and Advanced AI Models

Using the Process Mining Output, Insights has a Process Map widget that displays how each activity/event interacts with other activities/events within a business process. Insights is able to use these Process Maps to create AI models that can be used to intelligently automate processes or help employees with augmented decision-making.