Work with Insights

What Is Insights?

Insights is an important component of Hero Platform_ for visualizing data from automation Flows. Use the different features in Insights to build graphs and charts to visualize data in detail-rich, responsive dashboards. Comprehensive filters allow for comparing data over time to identify process improvements.

Insights features process mapping to show a visual representation of how each piece of data interacts with other data within a business process. It is then possible to turn elements of these process maps into AI models to intelligently automate processes or help employees with augmented decision-making.

How to Work with Insights?

Once you have run data through your automation Flows you might want a visual display of that data. Bring your data to life through Insights' Process Mapping as well as a variety of other data visualization charts. Insights also has the power to generate AI models from data to improve automation Flows.  

Insights Overview Page

The Insights overview page displays all of your current data visualizations.

You can view the:

  • Name - The name given to identify the Insights dashboard. Click the name of any Insights dashboard to open it.
  • Metrics Data Set - The data sets being used to generate the Insights dashboard.
  • Versions - The number of versions created for each Insights dashboard.
  • Creator -  The Hero Platform_ user that created the Insights dashboard.
  • Last Update - The date the Insights dashboard was last updated.
  • Settings:
    • View - Open the Insights dashboard.
    • Edit - Select to edit the configuration of the Insights dashboard.
    • Delete - Select to permanently remove the Insights dashboard.
    • Clone - Select to create a duplicate the Insights dashboard.

Create a New Insights Dashboard