Hero_Cloud Administration and Support

Hero_Cloud is a managed cloud environment running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This environment runs on AWS's production-quality configuration with automated failover protection for high availability, continuous system health monitoring, and automated backups compliant with the industry standards.

Software Updates and Upgrades

Software upgrades are automatically managed for you and are performed on a regular announced basis for both dedicated and multi-tenant environments.

Reliability, Redundancy, and Failover

Built on AWS Cloud, Automation Hero relies on Amazon's highly redundant network to provide maximum uptime and redundancy. AWS Global Infrastructure is designed and built for redundancy and reliability, from regions to networking links to load balancers to routers to firmware. For example, in order to offer maximum resiliency against system disruptions, AWS builds its data centers in multiple geographic regions as well as across multiple availability zones (AZs) within each region. Each region is isolated from the others. And AWS AZs are true AZs: they are completely separate buildings kilometers apart for complete redundancy.

In the case of a Hero_Cloud environment or scheduled process becoming unavailable, Automation Hero will interact with AWS and keep you updated while the issue is resolved.