Manage Environments

Each environment set up in Hero_Cloud has a settings option. 

Using this settings options, you can:

Cloud environments are billed based on the time they are running. 

To reduce costs, ensure that environments not in use are stopped or deleted.

Click the gear icon next to the environment name. 

  • Select Start to activate an environment with a Stopped status.
  • Select Stop to deactivate an environment with a Running status.
  • Select Open to launch the Hero Platform_ user interface for the environment.
  • Select Edit to view the environment details or change the name.
  • Select Delete to remove the environment from your Hero_Cloud account.

View the Environment Details or Rename

Selecting Edit displays the details of the environment and gives the option change the environment name.

Delete an Environment

Selecting Delete displays a box to confirm you want to delete the environment. 

Terminating an environment removes the environment from Hero_Cloud and all data saved in the environment's Hero Platform_ instance.

The process to delete the environment begins after confirmation. A message is displayed at the top of the screen confirming the deletion was successful and an email notification is sent.