The Library section allows users to download, view, and interact with example Flows that explain how different features in Hero Platform_ work. 

Open Library

Select Library from the navigation menu.

Library Overview Page

View and install example Flows.

The Library overview page lists all the example Flows and displays their:

  • Name - The name of the example.
  • Type - The type of example.
    • Flows - The example includes the Flow and any Connection/Input/Output used in the Flow.
  • Description - A description of the example from the author.
  • Tags - Identifier tags added to the example from the author.
  • Size - The size of the example in bytes.

Sample Data Location

The examples displayed on the overview page are stored in a file system rather than within Hero Platform_ itself. An invisible Connection to an AWS S3 file system is the connector used to access Automation Hero example data.

The ability to connect to an Amazon S3 bucket is required to access the examples created by Automation Hero.

Please contact your network administrator if any problems occur trying to connect with the Automation Hero's AWS S3 examples repository.

Install an Example

Install an example by clicking the install icon on right side of the example's row.

The example then installs in the Hero Platform_ instance.

If any duplicate artifacts are located within the Hero Platform_ instance, they can be either overwritten or skipped. 

All artifacts within the example are located within the Hero Platform_ instance after completing the installation of the example.

Open an Installed Example Flow

To open an installed example Flow:

  1. The Flow can be opened after completing the installation of an example.
  2. Select Flows in the navigation menu.
  3. Locate the example Flow installed and double-click on the Flow name.

The example Flow opens and text boxes explain the purpose of the Flow and how the Flow elements interact.

Some example Flows maybe be a complete end-to-end Flow that can be run. Other example Flows are explaining specific elements of a Flow and are not a complete Flow that can be run.

The example Flow in the above screenshot is an incomplete Flow that explains the And formula and And filter functions.