February 2023

Hero Platform_

Custom Containerized Function Performance Improvements

The vcores (CPU) and RAM settings for custom containerized functions have been modified within Hero Platform_ to provide a better user experience.

  • The number of vcores (CPU) is automatically adjusted to use additional vcores when available to provide better performance. 
  • The amount of RAM is automatically adjusted to account for memory spikes that may hinder a Flow from running. 

New Flow Log Metrics: Eternal Inputs and Outputs

Previously, the Show Run Details logs displayed only the number of inputs and outputs for each node in a Flow. This accounted for that data already within Hero Platform_. 

Now, Automation Hero has added two additional metrics that show the number of input data coming from external data sources and the number of output data being written out of the Flow.

These new metric can be found in the execution-metrics.json and stage-metrics.json log files. 

These metrics are also displayed in the Hero Platform_ UI Execution Statistics. 


Multidimensional PDFs Supported

We understand that with all the different types of ways to collect data, that your data sheets might not have the same sized dimensions. We have updated the Human-in-the-Loop feature to support PDFs that have dimensions. 

Now, no matter if your input PDFs are different sizes, the Human-in-the-Loop viewer displays them for your users.