April 2020

In App Terminology Changes

At Automation Hero, we strive to bring you the best automation platform possible. We have renamed a few of our important terms so you will have a better experience.

The following terms in Automation Hero have changed:

Old terminologyNew terminology

Group By and Aggregation Functionality Available

Group By and Aggregation functions have been added to the Flow Studio to help you group your data in meaningful ways.

You can access all the aggregation functions in a convenient, all-in-one function interface within the Flow Studio.

Aggregation features available

Function nameDescription
Group ByCreates groups from identical data values in a selected field.  

ConcatReturns a string of the concatenated values in a group.
CountReturns the count of the number of field values of a group.
FirstReturns the first value in the value field from the group.
LastReturns the last value in the value field from the group.
ListReturns a list of the concatenated values in a group.
SumReturns the sum value of a field in a group.

Robin Updates

Robin, your virtual assistant, keeps people in the loop by empowering them to make decisions for automated Flows. You can create tasks that Robin sends to your business users for them to review and approve.

A Better Robin Experience

Previously, users completed Robin's tasks one at a time in the order the Flow displayed them. Now, Robin gives users a list of all the tasks and lets them choose the tasks they think are most important.

This update expands Robin's capabilities for additional use cases, such as up-sell & cross-sell recommendations, in which your users need to get an overview of the tasks to assess their related priority before diving into the task details for review. To help with prioritizing tasks, table sorting and filtering capabilities are available.

Robin's new UX also provides a better degree of focus on the task list or task details, so your users are less distracted with too much information from other tasks.

Robin Authentication

Automation designers can select which end users (including users from your internal Enterprise authentication providers i.e. LDAP/AD) can have access to each Robin Skill. This ensures business users only see and work on the tasks they were assigned.

AI Studio Updates

Cancel a Model in Training

You can now quickly cancel a model training with a single click. If the model's performance you are working on doesn't look promising, dismiss that model version entirely.

Optimized Dense Layer Defaults 

The defaults for the kernel and bias initializer configuration settings have been updated to be better optimized for intent detection models.

New Saving/Discarding/Recovering Process

We have updated the reminders to save, discard or recover AI Models to be the same as those in Flow Studio. You can now recover an AI model in the event you accidentally click away from AI Studio.

Extract Images from a PDF

Images are valuable data in PDF files. You can use the new function PDFExtractImage to extract images from PDF files in a Flow.