August 2020


Sonar User's Guide

Hero_Sonar is a feature of Hero_Flow that allows you to visually discover the largest and most complex processes, turn process maps into AI models and monitor and measure your improvements in real time.


Robin Task Security

 Automation designers can configure a Robin Skill to prevent agents from seeing tasks assigned to other teammates.

Robin Admin Role for Team Leaders

Team leaders can have a dedicated role associated with their Robin account that allows them to see all their teammates' tasks.

This feature is particularly helpful when a Robin Skill is configured to filter tasks by assignee. The feature enables team leaders to always have an overview of all tasks for their team.

More Robin Form Design Controls  

Automation designers now have access to additional form controls to further customize Robin Skills with the point and click Skill builder designer.

New Robin Filters

Robin has filters available to refine which tasks are displayed to the user.


Date data type columns can now be filtered with the priority operators on, in between, after or before.

Additional date filters are also available such as not on, after or on, before or on, is empty, and is not empty


Boolean data type columns can now be filtered between is true and is false.


A new filter has been added to let users filter by the Status of the tasks including Open, Submitted, or In progress.

Performance Enhancements for Loading Tasks

Automation Hero has optimized how tasks are retrieved by Robin. This performance update is particularly helpful for accelerating the processing time when tasks contain documents or images for review.

AI Studio

Detection of Multiple Intents 

We have augmented our AI Studio capabilities so Citizen Data Scientists can now build intent detection models in which multiple intents are detected.


Use Multiple Inputs in a Flow

Previously multiple Inputs could be used in a Flow, but each Input Flow path was separate. Now it is possible to use multiple Inputs and merge them into a single, consistent Flow structure. This feature allows for similar data from different sources to leverage the same automation Flow.

Deploy Docker Images from Power PCs

Hero_Flow is now supported for PowerPC. Docker images in Hero_Flow can now be compiled for those using Power PCs as Power images.

New Function: Formula

A new filtering function is now available for use in automation Flows to return the data where the formula condition(s) are true. 

New Function: ExcelToText

The new operator ExcelToText allows turning Excel files (binary data type) into easier to work with text files (string data type) representing the rows, columns, and cells of the Excel file.


Add JavaScript After Any Task or Action

Hero_Go automation designers can now add custom JS function actions anywhere within the Hero_Go recorded steps. This usability enhancement makes it easier to add customization without having planned all JS function actions before planning/recording the automation.

Enhanced Usability for Data Extraction into Hero_Flow

The capabilities have been enhanced to send extracted data from Hero_ Go to Hero_Flow.

Previously automation designers had to configure sending data to Hero_Flow as a global action that occurred at the end of the Screen Automation execution. With the new capabilities, sending data to Hero_Flow is a discrete action of the Screen Automation with a guided user experience to ensure the designer knows in which data store bucket the extracted data is going to arrive. As a discrete step, this also gives designers more flexibility for more complex Screen Automation use cases so data can be sent to Hero_Flow at specific steps and in some cases to different data stores.