July 2020


Automation Hero's Sonar turns data into process maps and process maps into AI models that can be used to intelligently automate processes or help employees with augmented decision-making.

This feature is currently in beta. To learn more about how Hero_Sonar can work for you, contact your support representative

Improved Filtering: Boolean Filters

On the Sonar dashboard, a filter tool allows you to filter field names by different metrics based on the field data type. Boolean filters have now been added to Sonar's filtering system.

New Widget: Time Series Selector

Use the new Time Series Selector widget to create a chart that lets you select a time range just by dragging your mouse. After selecting the time range you can adjust that interval as desired.

Flow Studio

Logging Detail Report

A log viewer has been added to Hero_Flow's configuration settings. The following data is now available for each Flow run:

  • Run ID
  • Number of Input records
  • Number of Output records
  • Number of rejected fields
  • Start timestamp
  • End timestamp
  • Flow runtime
  • User
  • Flow version
  • Run status

Import Encrypted Data Securely

It is now possible to import Flows with encrypted data but without an encryption key into Hero_Flow. If Hero_Flow fails to decrypt data during the import process, the import still succeeds with empty fields that need the sensitive data re-entered. A notification is presented after import with which fields need credentials. 

New Functions: Math Operations

Automation Hero has added many commonly used math functions that can assist you in your automated Flows to perform mathematical calculations.  

Function NameDescription
PlusPerforms the concat operation for strings, addition operation for numbers, and merging for lists.
MinusReturns the difference of numeric values.
MultiplyMultiplies an argument's long value with a specified integer.
DivideReturns the quotient of numeric values.
ModReturns the modulo (remainder) result of dividing two numeric values.
NegateReturns the logical compliment of a numeric value.

AI Studio

Model Training Stability Enhancements

The AI Studio Training Service was updated to ensure resources are properly cleaned up in the event an issue is encountered when training a model.


New Robin User's Guide

Robin brings humans-in-the-loop when automations require input from a business user to handle business exceptions. Check out our guides for both automation designers in Hero_Flow and business users interacting with Robin.

Robin Filtering Improvements

Filtering Robin tasks is possible from the Task List. This month we improved those filtering capabilities for a better user experience. 

Numerical Filtering

Additional filtering has been added so that Robin business users can filter on numerical data types when available in the Task List.

Enhanced Filtering for String Columns

More parameters have been added when filtering tasks by String data type columns in Robin. Business users can search for values in the column which comes particularly handy when the Task List contains columns with many unique values.

Visual Status Improvement for Tasks Currently In Progress

Tasks that are in progress by other Robin business users have updated visual cues to emphasize the status.

More Metadata available from Robin Task Submissions

Automation designers can now leverage the timestamp and the username that submitted the task in their post processing automation Flows. This metadata is useful to drive certain business logic requirements on who submitted a task and when for the post processing automation Flows.


Data Retention Options

After Hero_Go scrapes data from websites and delivers that data to the Hero Flow platform for further processing, Automation designers can select if the processed data in the Flow should be “retained” or “deleted”. This capability adds additional operational flexibility for Flows to avoid data being processed more than once when the “delete” option is selected.

Reliability Updates When Scraping Data in a Loop

General improvements were made to more reliably extract data from tables and lists in websites including extracting data from nested lists or tables.

Schema Versions Available in Hero_Go Inputs

Automation designers can now select the schema version in Hero_Go Inputs to be used in a Flow. This provides greater flexibility to avoid non-passive changes to the schema for operational Flows.