June 2020


Robin Localization

Robin is now available in both the German and English language based on your web browser's language setting. 

Support for Collaborative Task Processing 

Robin users have better visibility on tasks that are in progress through a new task status. This increases the efficiency for collaboration between multiple agents processing tasks for a skill as a group.

Robin Filtering Update

This release lays out the foundation of the new filter experience that allows Robin end users to use more comprehensive filter criteria. Initially, the focus is on columns defined as string data types. Additional data type-sensitive filter controls are coming soon to the Robin task interface. 

Better Handling of Robin Schema Versioning 

Automation designers authoring Robin Skills in Hero_Flow have additional visibility of the underlaying schema version supporting each Robin Skill. If the schema from a Robin Skill changes, it is now possible to revert back to a previous schema when needed.


Text Parser

A text parser has been added to Hero_Flow's file system and REST Inputs as well as the REST lookup function. The text parser extracts content from a file as a string allowing for great versatility when analyzing data. 


Extract Text From a PDF By Page

Using Hero_Flow's PDF2Text function, you can extract embedded text from PDF files. An update has been added that you can now separate the extracted text by page for additional convenience.

View the Amount of Memory Used Per Flow

When running a Flow, both the JVM and and machine memory usage is calculated and displayed under the active runners.

AI Studio

In App Terminology Change - AI Models

The term "Models" previously used in Hero_Flow has been changed to "AI Models". This term update was made to better clarify that the models being used in Hero_Flow are neural network models.