March 2020

AI Studio

Build Intent Detection Models

In AI Studio, you can now build intent detection models without any coding skills. 

  • Input your labeled training data from an Input.

  • Add the “Text Embedder” pre-processor.

  • Configure required model layers.

  • Click the “Train” button.

Stop a Model Training in Progress

When you train an AI model, you may reach the accuracy you desire before the model processes all repetitions (Epochs) in the training configuration. You can now stop the model training and its current status is stored.


Robin To-Do List

In situations where you require human exception handling, Automation Hero’s Robin is your solution. With this update, you can configure data with 1934956Roin's Skl Eito to present attended automations in a to-do list web application. New results are emailed directly to your business users. 

Skill Builder

Add to the To-Do List by building skills with the new Robin Output. You can easily configure fields and the layout of Robin's web form which will be presented to your business users.

As your automation Flow runs, you may review data tuples in their respective skills. The Hero_Flow platform stores business user's responses which can be used in subsequent Flows to perform actions in business process automations


Add Comments


This feature gives you valuable insight when looking back at how you set up your Flow and enables collaboration and communication when multiple Automation Developers are building a Flow together.

Add Variables in JSON Parameters

JSON capabilities now include the ability to set variable parameters


${<field name>}


Salesforce Custom Objects

After connecting to Salesforce, you can bring in your data to Hero_Flow and write back out to Salesforce. We have improved Hero_Flow Inputs and Outputs to recognize your custom objects in your Salesforce account.

Custom objects created in Salesforce now appear in your drop-down object selector for both Inputs and Outputs

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL Server was added to the different JDBC databases available.

You can now create connections, pull in data, and write out data to MS SQL databases.

Flow Studio

REST Lookup Function Update

The REST Lookup Functions have been updated so that now all the HTTP methods are found within the single Function, REST Lookup.

Additionally, you are now able to resolve variables with REST using the following syntax: 

${field name}


Schedule Screen Automations

You now have the ability to schedule your Hero_Go Screen Automations so they run on a regular basis.

Reorder Recording Steps

In the Hero_Go application, the new drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily rearrange steps in a Screen Automation.