November 2020


Microsoft Exchange Connector 

A Microsoft Exchange Connector is available in order for automation designers to pull data from and write data to Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Graph Connections Enables Proxy Hosts

Connect to a Microsoft Graph account using a proxy server.

Work with Azure Cosmos DB

Hero_Flow has added a suite of features allowing users to interact and create automations using a Cosmos DB account.

Cosmos DB Connector

Create a Connection from Azure Cosmos DB to Hero_Flow.

Cosmos DB Input

Input data from Cosmos DB to Hero_Flow's Flow Studio.

Cosmos DB Output

Write data out from Hero_Flow automations to Cosmos DB.

Cosmos DB Lookup Function

The Cosmos DB Lookup function allows users to retrieve data based off a specified column key.

Automatic Output Field Mapping

To help make using Outputs even easier in /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/1179699, Hero_Flow makes an educated guess and automatically maps fields from an Input to its Output.

This new feature also supports automatic field mapping from fields within uploaded Docker containers.

SMTP Connections Authenticated with Trust Certificates

When configuring a Connection with SMTP, Hero_Flow users can add a trust certificate as the authentication method. 

Parse EML Files

Hero_Flow's File System Input has a feature that can parse electronic mail format (.EML) file types.

New Function: SMTP

Similar to an SMTP Output, the new SMTP Function can send emails. The Function also returns a status value for the email execution displaying a visual value if the email was sent successfully or if an error occurred.

List Data Type Values Supported in Custom Java Functions

JavaScript Function developers can process lists type values to custom Javascript functions for use in Flow Studio.

Mouse Over to View Notes in a Flow

When using the /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/1179699, automation designers can /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/1179699.

New Function: WriteLogs

The new Function WriteLogs allows users to write into Hero_Flow log files

New Function: Cosmos DB Data Manipulation

The Cosmos DB Data Manipulation Function performs document manipulation against a Cosmos database.


Zoom, Rotate, and Pan on Documents

The document review component in the Robin application now supports zooming, rotating, and panning with the mouse as well as keyboard shortcuts. This capability helps with efficiency for Robin business users reviewing documents.

Faster Access to Robin's User Settings

Click the user icon in the top right of the Robin application to open the user settings.

Layout Settings

Robin users can now easily customize their experience and switch between compact and comfort layouts to maximize screen real estate. The compact feature is particularly helpful when the task details page contains a significant amount of fields that would typically require scrolling with the default comfort layout view.


Users can now select to display the Robin application text in the English or German language.

Keyboard Shortcuts 

Robin business users have quick access to the hot key cheat sheet available for the task details page. This allows users to be even more efficient processing tasks without removing their hands from the keyboard.

In Progress Counter for Robin Skill Overview

ADMIN users can now view all the in progress tasks for each Robin skill.

Set Default Values in Lists

Automation designers can set default values for form controls that display lists of options in a Robin task details page. For example, designers can set default values for select, multi select, checkboxes, or combo boxes form controls. Additionally, designers can set different defaults from task to task.