September 2020


Add Documents and Files to Robin Skills

Automation designers now have the ability to attach images, documents, and other types of files for Robin users to view in the task details. This capability allows Robin business users to review documents and images in their tasks.

Robin users have the option to enlarge or download attachments.

Date and Time Functionality

DATE_TIME data type functionality has been added Robin. Automation designers can insert either date or date and time fields into Robin skills. This flexibility allows automation designers to determine if date_time input in the Robin application should be only a date field or if it should also include the time component with additional flexibility on deciding what time zone to display for Robin business users.

List Data Type Support

Create dynamic lists in an automation Flow and feed them into a Robin Output with the new List data type support and select which form control (select, multi-select, checkboxes, radio) to use in the Robin application. Each task can have a different set of values for selections on a task-by-task basis.

Custom Designs in Robin

With strong interest from our partner ecosystem, Automation Hero created a Robin custom component SDK that is available for external developers. You can build custom functionality on the Robin task detail pages to address unique use case requirements not currently supported with our built-in components.


Single Syntax for Variables App Wide

All throughout Hero_Flow, the syntax for resolving a variable is now:

${<field name>}

Learn more about using variables in Hero_Flow.

Flow History Run Displayed in Descending Order

In response to user requests, the historic Flow runs are now displayed in descending order. This makes the most current run of a Flow at the top of the list.