April 2021


Built-In Examples (Coming Soon!)

It can be helpful to look at or use example automations. Automation developers can view, copy, paste, and modify pre-made example Flows. Each example you install adds all the necessary components (Connections/Inputs/Outputs) to your Hero_Flow instance.   

Connect and Import from Apache Kafka

Hero_Flow now has the ability to connect and import data from from Apache Kafka.

Backup and Restore Tuple Store Schemas and Data

Automation Hero has added Tuple Store schemas and data as information that can be backed up and restored. This improvement is especially helpful when migrating data from one environment to another. 

Improved JavaScript Function Types

Hero_Flow allows users to add their own custom functions using JavaScript. The JavaScript function types have been updated.

Supported JavaScript types:

  • JavaScript (ECMAScript 2020)
  • JavaScript (ES 5.1)
  • JavaScript (ES 5.1) with D3


Data Labeling

Robin business users can now mark areas of interest in a document. These areas can then be used to inform an automation Flow where the values of interest are in the document so it can be then used to train an AI model.

New Updates in Customizing Robin

Those wanting to stylize Robin for their users can download a CSS template and then customize it to their preference.

CSS Variable
  • Background color for application
  • Color for submitted tasks count
  • Status count progress bar
  • Primary button background color (Submit button)

  • Secondary button text color (filter actions, cancel button)

  • Primary button text color

  • Progress bar

  • Text color for validation error message

  • Background color for error button. (shown after a task is failed to be submitted)

  • Background color for header

  • Background color for header actions (on mouse hover)



  • Color for disabled buttons and muted texts