August 2021

UI Navigation Update

The navigation menu has an updated look and feel. As Automation Hero continues to add additional features that can help you build your business automations, navigation options are expanding. With so many new features, the menu was looking a little crowded!  The navigation side panel now has a two-level menu.

Parent titles now hold the following navigation options:

  • AI
    • OCR 
    • AI Models
  • Automations
    • Flows
    • JavaScript Functions
    • Docker Functions
  • Integration
    • Connections
    • Inputs
    • Outputs
  • Storage
    • Data Store
    • Metric Store
  • Administration
    • Backup and Restore
    • Certificates
    • Nodes
    • Settings
    • Access
    • External Libraries

With this change in navigation, you will also see the following terminology name changes:

Hero_FlowHero Platform_
Tuple StoreData Store

Tutorial Flows

Two /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/1603272708. These tutorial Flows, as well as the extensive Library that has 100+ sample Flows, explain how business automations can be created.

Faster OCR Preview Data

Less waiting for your preview data when designing a model template in the OCR Studio leaves more time for building automations! Automation Hero is happy to say that we have optimized the time it takes to generate preview data in OCR Studio. 

Classification Wizard Optimization

Thanks to the masterful efforts of our engineers, Automation Hero has made the Classification Wizard, an AI model builder, more stable and efficient. Check out the Classification Wizard, and start training AI models faster and as we continue to use cutting-edge machine learning technology.

German Language Text Extractor

If the text you want to extract from is in German, Automation Hero now has German language engines available in the AI Text Extractor.

Pagination for the REST Lookup Function

Pagination is the action of separating pages in your data. Many service providers have strict limits to the number of returned items per REST request. The ability to use pagination allows for loading more data without running into those limits. Learn how to use the new pagination feature in REST Lookup functions to detach each page into more manageable data sections.


Robin Displays Time_Date Values According to Locale

Now, Robin can display the time and date structure according to the locale settings in your and your user's Chrome browser settings.