December 2021

Expanded Document Extraction Features

Automation Hero is excited to introduce the new line of OCR AI model features:

Fixed Form

Use the Fixed Form feature to extract your data from structured documents (images/PDFs). 

This feature was previously known as OCR Studio.

A Pre-built Invoice Model

The Invoice Extractor is a pre-trained model that is ready to go whenever you need it. With none of the usual fussy configuration settings. You can use the extractor to extract common data found on semi-structured invoices. 

View the list of fields which are searched for by this model. 

Custom Invoice Models

Similar to the Invoice Extractor, the Custom Invoice Extractor searches for all pre-trained fields...but it also allows you to use the Document Studio to build a custom model for additional fields! 

Check out our guide on how to prepare your data to start adding in custom fields to your model.

Parallel Processing Available to REST Flows

Hero Platform_ has a Flow configuration allowing you to adjust the number of runners that can work on your data set in parallel. This setting is now available for Flows using REST endpoints.

Human in the Loop User Statistics

A new Human in the Loop usage chart has been added to the Hero Cloud dashboard. Administrators can now view how many active users (admin/non-admin) are logging into the Human in the Loop application each month.