February 2021


Expanded Wildcard File Path Expressions

It was always possible to use wildcards in expressions to substitute for characters in a file. Now, Hero_Flow has added the feature to use wildcards at a folder level as well.

  • Enter the file path to the data.

    • Pattern mapping characters:
      • "?" matches one character.
      • "*" matches zero or more characters.
      • "**" matches zero or more directories in a path.


    • folder/t?st.txt - matches folder/test.txt but also folder/tast.txt or folder/txst.txt
    • folder/*.txt - matches all .txt files in the folder directory.
    • folder/**/test.txt - matches all test.txt files underneath the folder path.
    • folder/subfolder/subfolder2/**/*.txt - matches all .txt files underneath the folder/subfolder/subfolder2 path.
    • folder/**/subfolder/bla.txt - matches folder/f2/f3/subfolder/bla.txt but also org/f2/f3/f4/subfolder/bla.txt and folder/subfolder/bla.txt

Redshift Added to JDBC Connections

The Redshift driver has been added in Hero_Flow so users can create Connections to a Redshift database.

Passthrough Outputs

The Output selection in the Function list allows for a Flow to schedule an Output task as well as letting the Flow process continue rather than terminating using a standard Output.

Passthrough Outputs Available


Configure Robin Outputs for Dynamic Editability

Hero_Flow introduces a Dynamic Editability setting for Robin's automation designers.  Using data from other Robin fields, designers can now configure a form field's editability using logical operations based on the existing data.

Improved User Experience in Robin - Table Scrolling

Tables within Robin task details are now fixed. This means that you now have more control in Robin and the data you are viewing.