January 2021


View and Download Flow Logs

View or download a .zip file that contains a .log file of the Flow run details for greater visibility of your Flows and to assist in troubleshooting.

Set Input File Limit for File System Inputs

Configure a file system input to limit the number of files that get input into a Flow.

Set a Limit of Emails to Read in a Flow Execution in a Microsoft Graph Input

The Microsoft Graph Input now has the feature to set a limit of count of emails that will be read in Flow execution.

Cosmos DB Input Partitioning

The Cosmos DB Input now supports partitioning based on the _ts field.

Improved Default Settings for Docker Functions

The following default settings for configuring customer Docker functions have been updated.

  • RAM = 3GB
  • Container port = 9090
  • Max retry attempts = 2
  • Attempt timeout (s) = 180

Zendesk Pagination for REST Inputs

Using the Zendesk pagination feature in your REST Input allows for importing a greater number of Zendesk tickets than previously possible.

Tuple Store Input and Outputs

The Tuple Store allows users to store data directly in Hero_Flow. 

Use Tuple Store data in automation Flows with the:

Import Already Created Schemas to the Tuple Store

Users now have an easier method to upload data to the Tuple Store. With this new feature, users can add a new schema and data without having to define the schema first.


Skill Overview Page Improved Loading Time

Robin end users can now enjoy now faster load times on the skill overview page. Users must no longer wait for all the counter information across all skills to load their page.

Tasks List Page Improved Loading Time

With this optimization, task lists for Robin skills with a large volume of tasks now load much faster. Before, users waited until all tasks were received by the task list before the they were displayed. Now, the task list starts displaying tasks as soon as they are received, one-by-one.

Robin Skills Unpublished 

Automation designers can now decide if a given skill should be published or unpublished from the Robin application. This allows Automation designers to continue working on a skill and make it live once it is ready for the Robin business users.

Images Available in the Document Review

Images (example: JPG, PNG) can now be set to Document Review in the Robin Output so that Robin end users have the expanded ability to work with those images in Robin.