March 2021


Flow Studio v2

The Flow Studio interface where automated Flows are created has been improved. The new Flow Studio has all the functionality as the previous design with many added features to make the user experience better. 

Users can now drag and drop Flow elements onto the canvas and connect them as needed to create an automation. Additionally, users can copy and paste these elements for even faster Flow building.

OCR Studio and Functions

Optical character recognition (OCR) in Hero_Flow lets users convert images into digital data.

After creating an OCR model, use that model as a function in a Flow to OCR additional forms and continue processing the data.

Text Extraction AI

The Extraction Studio allows you to bring in any text and then type one or more questions for which you want to extract answers from the text. No training data is required. 

After configuring the model, use the Text Extraction model you created as a function within a Flow.

Text Classification AI

Hero_Flow's Classification Wizard classifies text in to pre-determined categories. For example, an email could be classified as a change of address request, shipping, or scheduling. 

JDBC Query Timeout Setting

Add and adjust a timeout setting for SQL queries in JDBC Outputs, SQL Lookups, and the SQL Data Manipulation function. This solves the issue of a few SQL statements blocking an entire Flow execution. 

Docker Functions Return Error Message Rather than Failing

A Flow's execution mode can be set to either Strict or Forgiving settings. Strict stops a Flow if a tuple cannot be processed. Forgiving drops the tuple and lets the Flow continue.

Additional settings have been added for custom Docker functions that allow for Flows with tuple processing failures to continue without dropping the failed tuple.

New Connectors

Connections in Hero_Flow allow users to access their data from many different locations. After a Connection has been made, they can be used to Input and Output data from a Flow. The following connectors have been added.

Microsoft OneDrive Connection

Create a Connection to Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

IBM DB2 Connection

Create an IBM DB2 Connection with the powerful JDBC connector.

Export and Restore Hero_Flow Artifacts

Hero_Flow admins and privileged automation designers can now export and import Hero Flow’s metadata.

With this feature, users can be specific about the artifacts in the metadata they want to import or export such as users, Connections, Inputs, Outputs, Flows, and even Docker containers and images. This is especially helpful for situations where use cases built in test environments need to be promoted to a production environment.


Add a Personalized Theme to Robin

Hero_Flow administrators can add a new logo image as well as upload custom CSS to personalize the Robin experience for their users.

Change Passwords in the Robin App

Robin users can now change their password by themselves without the assistance of an administrator. 

Upload or Download Binary Files

Robin users now have a feature to upload new binary files to a Robin task.