November 2021

Library Examples Branching Out

Hero Platform_ includes many example Flows in the library that walk you through use cases or explain the use of functions. We've amplified the power of this tool to allow for even more complex examples for you to explore.

These larger samples will represent more complete use cases, allowing you to learn how to get your automations up and running, side by side with explanations of Automation Hero's recommended best practices!

New Function: Unflatten

The new function Unflatten has been added to the Flow Studio

The Unflatten function is very similar to the global aggregation function in that you can create groups based on data in a selected field. Once the groups have been created, the function also has a selection of aggregation operations available.   

This function differs from the global aggregation function in so that instead of creating groups on all available input data, if partitions are available, the Unflatten function groups based on partitions within input data.

Link Directly to a Robin Task Details Page

The URL of a task details page in the Robin application can be used to directly access or share a task. This is a very beneficial feature to quickly share tasks for human automation reviewers.

Detail Error Messages Added to Flow Preview Data

It can be frustrating when an error occurs in a Flow. It is more frustrating when you can't figure out what is causing the error.

New detailed error messages have been added to the Flow Studio when an error occurs resulting in no preview data.