September 2021

OCR Undo and Redo

The OCR Studio has added undo and redo buttons to the toolbar. As you would expect, these features give users a quick way to either revert to a previous step or resume a recently undone action.

OCR Lighting Fast Preview Data

When building your template for an OCR function in the OCR Studio, preview data is now displayed almost as fast as you can design it!

New Functions


The ErrorMessage function converts error messages found in a field into strings. This new function enables greater transparency into any errors occurring in a Flow. Users can now filter or set a Flow to react to specific errors.    

ErrorHandler (Beta)

The ErrorHandler function can either fail (stop) a Flow or filter out unnecessary records that contain error messages. Flows that filter out errored records are added to a log that's easily accessible to users.

Multiple OCR Functions

The Multiple OCR Functions feature gives you the power to process your binary data with multiple OCR function templates.

Create Inputs and Outputs Directly in a Flow

Another time-saving feature, you can now instantly create and configure Inputs and Outputs directly from within Flow Studio.

Hide Flows with No Input and Output Data

When scheduling an automated Flow to run, it is possible that no new data has come from the Input to process in the Flow. In order to prevent these Flows from overtaking the Show Run Details page, a new filter has been added to hide these unnecessary entries.