August 2022

Connect to Azure Blob Storage

The File System Connector has been updated to allow connecting to Azure Blob Storage.

Fixed Form Document OCR: Best Match

When using the Fixed Form Document Extractor, it is possible to enhance your accuracy with our context aware feature; Knowledge Graphs. It is possible that a value match is not found when using a Knowledge Graph. In that case, it is still possible to use the OCR engine predicted value.

We have now added a third value, "best_match" for convenience. The best match value will be the Knowledge Graph value if one is present, if not, the best match value will be the OCR engine value. Using the best match value saves you from having to build that logic into your Flow to find the value you need.

Invoice Extractor - More Language Support

As invoices can come in many different languages, we want to support those languages for you.

The Invoice Document Extractor now fully supports the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Flows Overview UI Update

We updated the UI so that you can look at all your Flow's and understand their relevance at a glance. 

A search bar above the Flows can help you find the Flow you are looking for quickly.

Flow Run Details

Selecting the run details of a Flow gives you valuable information about the Flow's performance while it is running as well as each time it was executed. 

Execution Logs and Statistics


Each time a Flow finishes executing, an entry is created on the Flow's Show Run Details page. Each execution has metric logs available to view or download


Selecting execution statistics for a specific run of a Flow brings up a read-only view of the Flow Studio of the elements used in the Flow.

Each element can be selected and performance statistics are displayed for that element.

Updated Functions: Contains and DoesNotContain

We have broadened the ability of the Contains and DoesNotContain formulas and filters. Before, the token argument was always constant. Now, the token field can be either constant or dynamic with the ability to change the token to an input field.

Improved Speed Reading Human-in-the-Loop Data

User feedback told us that many people thought that moving processed data from Human-in-the-Loop tasks back into the Flow Studio was taking too long. We looked into the this feature and improved it so moving data from Human-in-the-Loop to Flow Studio is significantly faster. 

Backup and Restore

Documents and AI Document Models are now able to be backed up and restored.