December 2022

Document Extraction

Improved Invoice and Semi-Structured Studio UI 

We have improved the UI for the document studio in Invoice Extraction and Semi-Structured Document Extraction.

The Available Fields tab has been remodeled to clearly show you all your fields and let you find that field you are looking for quickly with either the search or header filter features. 

The size of the display document and the information screen can now be adjusted to let you resize your screen for a fit that is comfortable for you.

Hero Platform_

View the Size of Data Store Files

We wanted to give you a quick way to view the sizes of all your files stored in the Data Store

Using the column header filter allows you to quickly arrange your Data Store files by size.

Streamlining Containerized Functions

Custom Docker functions have been improved to achieve a higher cluster utilization and being able to run more runners concurrently.

Total Resource Metrics Added to Containerized Function Logs

After running a Flow that includes a containerized function, logs on that function can be found under Show Run Details.

Before, the logs showed the individual metrics of the resources that containerized functions used. Now, a total consumed resources section has been added to give you a overall view.

--------- Consumed resources ----------
Uptime:              171s
Consumed CPU time:   217.5s (185.2s user, 32.2s system)
Used CPUs (average): 1.27 (1.08 user, 0.19 system)
Configured CPUs:     1.9 (utilized: 66.8% total, 56.9% user, 9.9% system)
Max memory used:     1.7 GB/2.0 GB

Batch Feature Added to Data Store Outputs

To improve Flow performance when using a Data Store Output, a batch option is now available. 

In batch mode, you are able to set the number of tuples per batch as well as each batch's memory limit.