February 2022

🔋 Response Time Gets a Power Up

Ever worked on a Flow with a large number of Flow elements? We've updated Flow Studio to allow for even faster response times than previously possible.

🌈 We've Made Labeling Easier Than Ever

While a real human is required to tell Hero Platform_ what data to look for in your PDF and image files., we've made that process is even simpler with the use of color coding. You can easily draw boxes, making it clear exactly which data is selected. Menus have also been added to quickly selecting or delete marked data.

We also added the feature that you no longer need to click in a specific field box first. Just draw your label box and select the corresponding field from the menu. Done!

🔆 Create Backups and Import Insights Dashboards

For those working with our powerful Insights dashboards, you now have the /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/1769406468. The updates are now live, so check out the new and improved feature!

✂️ Choose Where to Split Your PDFs

Dealing with loads of multi-page PDF documents? You can now split up that document into sections you define, an even more agile solution. And, yes, you can still split your document by single pages.