January 2022

It's 2022!

Welcome fans of automation to the year 2022. 

Automation Hero has a full and expansive roadmap for upcoming features... but first, let's take a look back at some of the amazing features that were added in 2021.

The Example Library

We know that learning to use all the features of an automation software can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we build examples directly into Hero Platform_.

Visit our ever expanding example library to git tips, tricks, and helpful information on our features.

OCR Data Extraction

Hero Platform_ really excels at extracting data from both structured and semi-structured PDF and image documents.

Here are a few of the data extraction features we are happy to offer.

Invoice and Custom Invoice Extractor

We built and added an AI model that can extract data from semi-structured invoices documents.

This amazing feature requires no configuration on your part. Just input your invoice files and receive fields of data. 

If your documents have a field not covered by our model, not to worry, you can create custom fields for your documents.

Documents with Handwritten Text.... No Problem

Images and PDFs with valuable information come in many variations and our Document Studio can handle them!

Your documents can have typed text, handwritten text, checkboxes, or barcodes and Hero Platform_ will read, sort, and deliver that information into clear fields. 

Lighting Fast Preview Data 

No more waiting around to check if OCR is reading your documents correctly. Preview fields are now made almost as fast as you can add them.

Document Studio Supports Multi Image/Page Documents

Have files with multiple images or PDF pages? Not a problem for Hero Platform.