March 2022

Useful Home Screen Widgets

Information widgets have been added to the Hero Platform_ home screen. These different widgets give you quick access to educational material as well as an overview of what's happening in your environment. 

Custom Invoice Extraction Metrics

A new metrics tab has been added to the Document Studio for Custom Invoice Extraction. See how well we calculate your model to have been trained.

The metric charts show each trained field's information:

  • Precision - How often is the extractor correct when values are identified.
  • Recall - How many of the known elements does the extractor identify.
  • F1-score - A measure of overall performance that combines both precision and recall calculations.

Docker Container Settings on Text Extraction Functions

Whether you are using a Fixed Form, Text ExtractionInvoice Extraction, or Custom Invoice Extraction model in your Flow, you can now adjust the Docker container settings directly from Flow Studio.

OCR of Handwritten Text is Ready for Production

If you have handwriting on your PDFs or images you need to extract, no problem. Hero Platform_'s Fixed Form Document Extraction now fully supports the reading of handwritten text on documents.

Improved Deployment Configuration for Document Text Extraction

Automation Hero has tweaked the process in the Document Studio so you can expect preview data to be displayed much faster. Less time waiting for results means more efficiency in your day!

Make a Connection to Microsoft SharePoint

We have updated the Microsoft Drive Connector so that you can now connect to Microsoft Sharepoint as well Microsoft OneDrive.

Separate PDFs by Pages  

The function Merge PDFs that combines PDF binaries can now be set to split by a set number of pages.

For example, if the function merges 20 PDFs together from different inputs, and the max number of pages is set to 5, the result will be four lists of PDFs that each have five pages.