November 2022

Document Extraction

Invoice Extraction Language Selection Menu

The Invoice Document Extractor has added a new Settings menu to select the language dictionary used in reading your documents. We have also added support for the Greek language as well as English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Convenient Link to Human-in-the-Loop 

We want to make it easy for you to jump between Hero Platform_ and the Human-in-the-Loop app. We added a link in the About section that takes you directly to your environment's Human-in-the-Loop interface.


Improving the Process for Adding Data Label Fields

In Flow Studio, every field in your Output needs a corresponding input field from your Flow. When building a Human-in-the-Loop Output that includes labeling data when adding document review fields, those fields need an input field from the Flow.

You can now quickly add null value Tuple input fields using the Multiple Constants function to create the fields to map to your PageBoundingBox output fields. 

Flow Studio

Extract Multiple Nested Tuple Values

Your input fields may have tuples data types with nested values like when you are using an Invoice Extraction model.

Before, you could use the Tuple to Field function to pick out a nested field you wanted to use. Each field would require a seperate function.

Now, you can use the Tuple to Field function and select multiple nested fields all within that single function.