September 2022

Hero Platfrom_

New Function: Move File

The Move File function allows Hero Platform_ to retrieve files from a file system folder via an SSH File System Connection using SFTP mode and move them to a new location. The original files are removed from the original folder.

AI Document Models

Relative vs Absolute Coordinates for Value Boxes in Fixed Form 

Before, only absolute coordinates were available for value box positioning in Fixed Form Extraction models. This could cause problems when scaling documents so that the box position no longer matched the data it was set to capture.

Now, relative coordinates have been added for Fixed Form models so the position of the value box always stays in the same position even when the document has scaled. 

Fixed Form Field Tooltips

If you have a Fixed Form Extraction model, you might want to quickly understand each field's purpose. This was time consuming if you had many fields on your template.

We added mouse-over tooltips to any fields you have created on your Fixed Form Extraction template. Now you can see what each fields contains without any searching.

  • Name
  • Type
  • Value


If the Fixed Form field uses a Knowledge Graph value, additional information is displayed in the tooltip:

  • The Knowledge Graph has been enabled for the field.
  • If a value was found in the Knowledge Graph, a value score of confidence.
  • If a value was not found in the Knowledge Graph, a message displaying the text No Knowledge Graph Value.

Human-in-the-Loop Improvements

Scrolling Through Multi Page Documents 

Human-in-the-Loop users work is made easier by getting rid of extra clicks. Attachments in a task that have multiple pages can be quickly scrolled through without having to click Next/Back buttons over and over.

Open Human-in-the-Loop Documents by Default

Another quality of life improvement to help those that always want the Human-in-the-Loop app to automatically open documents on a task details page. 

Enable this feature by going to the HitL settings and marking the box to show preview by default.