Robin User's Guide

Robin is the solution to bring humans-in-the-loop when automations require input from a business user to handle business exceptions. Robin can also be used to collect feedback from operational AI Models to help such models improve over time.

What is a "human-in-the-loop" Automation?

An automation where humans are still part of the processes. Robin users can review, correct, add, or delete before making the final approval to carry out the automation. Many types of automated work tasks are improved when continuing to let a live person quickly ensure the data is correct. 

Robin Works with Your AI Models

Robin can request human input when an unattended automation does not reach a confidence threshold in your automations utilizing AI Models. When the accuracy registers below a set point to believe the AI is not confident in a result, that process can be moved into the Robin application to be reviewed by a human.

Robin is Convenient  

Robin users are set up within Hero Platform_ and have a variety of different access settings. Robin users can log in directly to the Robin application, have notifications sent to them via email, or customized to your business standards. 

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