Robin End Users

Hero Platform_'s Robin is an application for attended automations. Automating processes can be beneficial and help speed up your process, but sometimes your interactions make the crucial difference. Robin lets you review, correct, add, or delete information before the automations are carried out. When automated processes are running and set probability for success is not met, Robin gives you the ability to look at these issues and make the correct decision that a computer could not understand.

Log into Robin

To use the Robin application, you must be a registered user. 

Open the Robin application in a web browser using the address: <Your Hero Platform_ URL>/robin-app

The login authentication token lasts seven days and refreshes each time the user logs in.

In order for users to access the Robin app in Hero Platform_, the port 8081 must be open and accessible.

If you are unable to log into Robin, please contact your Hero Platform_ administrator.

Using Robin

A Robin user's position is to use their decision making skills to complete tasks that are part of automated processes. Robin's friendly user interface and customization allows for integration into daily work routines. 

  1. Open the Robin interface.
  2. Select a skill.
  3. Select an open task.
  4. Review or make revisions and submit the task.

Robin Skills

After logging into Robin, a list of skill assignments that you have access to are displayed. 

The list of skills shows:

  • the number of submitted and open tasks.
  • the task name and task details.

Open a Robin skill

To open a Robin skill, click the Robin skill row.

Robin Tasks

After selecting a Robin skill assignment, a list of tasks for that skill are displayed. 

A progress bar is on the top of the screen displaying how many submitted vs open tasks there are for the skill. The name of the task is displayed in bold type with the task details located beneath.

The column headers and data are located in the task table.

Open a Robin task

To open a Robin task:

  • Click on a Robin task row.

Filter Robin tasks

Task filters are persisted within the browser throughout user sessions.

To add a filter to a Robin task:

  • Click Add Filter.

  • Select the column header to filter by.
  • Select to filter if the data under the heading contains or does not contain specific data.
  • Select the data to filter by.

After the data has been filtered, an additional line is added displaying the filter settings.

Robin Filtering By Data Type

The filters available in Robin depend on the data type of the column selected. 

  • Boolean
    • Is true
    • Is false
  • Date
    • On
    • In between
    • After
    • Before
    • Not on
    • After or on
    • Before or on
    • Is empty
    • Is not empty
  • Number
    • Equals
    • In between
    • Greater than
    • Less than
    • Does not equal
    • Greater than or equal
    • Less than or equal
    • Is empty
    • Is not empty
  • Status
    • Open
    • Submitted
  •  String
    • Contains
    • Does not contain

Robin Filtering Options

The following options are available for Robin filters:

  • Add Filter - Click Add Filter to add a filter or additional filters to the Robin task list.
  • Hide Filters - Click Hide Filters to minimize the specific filter specifications. 
  • Clear All - Click Clear All to remove all filters from the Robin task list.

Remove a Robin Filter

All active Robin filters are displayed above the task headers. To remove a filter, click the "X" next to the filter to be removed. 

Remove all active filters by clicking Clear All

Robin Task Status

The column heading "Status" is displayed for every skill.

  • Open - The task needs review.
  • In-progress - A colleague has this task open.
    • Only one instance of a task can be open at a time.
      • A lock on the task refreshes for the user every five minutes.

      • When the user leaves the task details page, the lock is removed.

    • This status is also possible if a user has the task open in a separate browser window.
  • Submitted - The task has been reviewed and submitted.

Robin Task Details Form

After selecting a task from the task list, the task details form is displayed. 

The task details form shows all the information that was collected during the automated process in Hero Platform_. The Robin user can now review and edit the form information as needed.

Review and Submit Robin Tasks

In the example below, contact data from a customer is supplied and the goal of the automation is to fill in the corresponding fields. This task did not acquire the telephone number from the body of the email even though was listed.

The Robin user can now fill in the missing field and type "yes" in the "Complete" field as per the task details. When complete, click Submit+Next to send the task data back to Hero Platform_ for additional automation processing.   

Direct link to a Robin task details page

A direct link can be made to a Robin task details page by copying the URL for that page from the browser address bar. 

The task details page can be accessed directly by any Robin user that has permission for the task. If the user is not currently logged into Hero Platform_, the login page is displayed before taking the user to the task details page.

Table Keyboard Commands

The following keyboard commands work with tables on a Robin task details page.

  • Press the escape key while a cell is targeted dismisses any unsaved change and rolls back to the previous cell value. This action also deactivates focus on the cell.

  • Press the tab key to shift the focus of cells from left to right.

    • The last tab press before cycling to the beginning focuses the table menu options.

      • Press enter to populate the row options.

      • Use the cursor to select a menu option.

      • Press enter on an option to apply the selection.

Robin File Attachments

PDFs and image files (example: jpg or png) attached to a task detail form are displayed in as preview image.

Above the attached files are action icons:

  • Zoom or rotate the document using the toolbar displayed above the document. 
  • Pan on the document using either the mouse or with the up, down, left, right arrow keys.


View multiple page attachments by scrolling up/down.

Labeling data on file attachments

If the RobinSkill designer has designated a text field as a Data Label or a Page Bounding Box, the Robin user can open the PDF/image attachment within the task details page and draw the location where the value for the field is located.

Draw a label box around the value on the attachment and select the corresponding Robin field from the menu. A label can also be created by selecting a designated label field on the tasks details page and then drawing a box around the associated value on the attachment.

The value that appears within the label field is the location and page number where the box is located on the attachment. 

  • A Data Label value is the location of the box on the attachment by pixel.
  • A Page Bounding Box value is the location of the box on the attachment by percentage size of the box on the page.
    • Page Bounding Box can accept multiple values (multiple boxes) for the same field. Create additional boxes on the attachment when a value appears more than once. This feature increases the probability of the correct OCRed results of attachments values being returned.

These fields and their corresponding values on the attachment are color coded.

  • If an input field or a drawn box on the attachment is blue, that field and box are currently selected.
  • If a drawn box is red on the attachment, that drawn box is already associated with a field.

Right-click any drawn boxes to:

  • Select Edit to use the coordinates for this box in another field.
    • A case-sensitive filter is provided to search for specific fields.
  • Select Remove to delete the selected drawn box.

Edit Robin Tasks

When the Robin skill was created, the builder of the skill assigns each field within a task an edibility setting.

  • Read-only - The data in these fields can be viewed but not edited.
  • Required - The data in these fields can be edited. Before being able to submit a task, data must be present in these fields.
  • Optional - The data in these fields can be edited. If no data is present in the field, the task can still be submitted. 

Submitted Robin tasks

After a task has been submitted, the data is stored internally in Hero Platform_ waiting additional automation processing. All data in a submitted task form becomes read-only after submission. 

Submitted task data fields become read-only. Submitted tasks cannot be edited.

Robin User Settings

Robin user settings are accessed by clicking the user icon in the top right on the Robin application screen.

Layout Setting

Depending on the amount of information being displayed in Robin

  • Comfortable - Text lines and headings are spaced further apart.
  • Compact - White space is reduced between text and headings.


Display Robin application text in:

  • English
  • German

Language preferences are remembered by your browser.

Other Settings

Show preview by default - Select to open binary documents on Robin task detail pages by default.

Change Password

Registered Robin users can change their passwords themselves from within the Robin application.

To change the Robin user's password:

  1. Click the user icon in the top right on the Robin application screen.
  2. Click Change Password.
  3. Enter the current password.
  4. Enter the new password.
    1. Password must be between 8 and 128 characters in lenght.
    2. Password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.
  5. Confirm the new password.
  6. Click OK to save the new password.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcut menu displays all the hot key combinations supported in Robin. 

Robin Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available for Robin tasks:

Shortcut commandDescription
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RightGo to Next Task
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LeftGo to Previous Task
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+EnterSubmit task and go to next
Ctrl+shift+alt+xGo back to listing page
Shift+?Show all shortcuts
ESCClose document preview panel
Shift +Zoom in on document when document component is selected
Shift -Zoom out from document when document component is selected
up, down, left, rightPan around the document when the document component is selected
Ctrl+Shift+.Rotate document to the left
Ctrl+Shift+,Rotate document to the right