Robin Skill Builders

Robin Connection, Input, and Output

The Robin application runs on top of Hero_Flow. Like building Flows, no coding is necessary and the creation process is point-and-click. Robin tasks can also be further customized with custom HTML coding.

RobinSkill Connection

A RobinSkill Connection creates the link between the Hero_Flow application and the Robin application. Like all other Inputs/Outputs in Hero_Flow, a Connection is required to build an automated process.

Learn how to Create a RobinSkill Connection

RobinSkill Output

A Robin Skill Output defines the data schema for an automation Flow to stage the data for Robin. In the Robin Output, automation designers decide what columns will be displayed in the task list as well as designing the task details page.

Learn how to Create a RobinSkill Output.

RobinSkill Input

A RobinSkill Input is where data that has been submitted in the Robin application is collected. This collected data can then be used as an Input introducing the data back into a Flow.   

Learn how to Create a RobinSkill Input.

Access the Robin Application

Open the Robin application in a web browser using the address: <Your Hero_Flow URL>/robin-app

After creating a RobinSkill Output, the Robin skill is active in the Robin application. Opening and logging into the Robin application displays the skill name and the task headers. No data populates the skill lists until the Robin Output has been used within a Flow.

Log Into Robin

Logging into the Robin application requires authorization. 

Robin Application

Robin Skills

A Robin skill is a name of an attended automation.

Users click the skill row to open the task list for the skill. 

Task List

The task list displays all the open and submitted tasks for the selected skill. 

  • The task list is created from the Robin Output's "Task List Editor" section
  • A progress bar shows the number of tasks submitted and open tasks for the skill.
  • All the individual tasks for the skill are listed.
    • Up to 6 column headers + status header.
  • Tasks can be filtered based on column headers.
  • Status header:
    • Open - the task needs to be reviewed and submitted.
    • In progress - a user currently has the task open. A task can only be opened by one user at a time.
    • Submitted - the task has already been submitted and is now read-only. No further changes can be made to this task.

Users click a task row to open the task form details.

Task Form Details

The task details form lets the user review the automated data collection and approve or make revisions where necessary.

  • The fields displayed in the task details form are created in the Robin Output's field schema editor.
  • Field UI type:
    • The UI field type is based on the field's data type.
      • String 
        • Text field- A small single line text box.
        • Text area - A larger, multi-line space for entering text.
      • Long
        • Whole number - A box that can contain a whole number.
      • Double
        • Decimal number - A box that can contain a decimal number.
  • Position and sizing of the fields on the page are created in the Robin Output's layout editor.
    • Add a non-adjustable task form header to better identify the task. (required) 
    • Custom components can be added with HTML Custom components can be added with HTML syntax. Contact your Hero_Flow Customer Success representative for help collaborating to fulfill needed requirements.  

Set Form Fields Editing Permissions

In the Robin Output's field schema editor, select the editing permissions for each form field.  

  • Editing form fields:
    • read-only (can't be edited)
    • required (field must be filled to submit)
    • optional (field can be edited but does not have to be filled to submit)

Submit a Task Form 

After the task form has been reviewed it can be submitted to collect the data.

  • When complete, the user can click:
    • Submit + next to submit the Robin task and move to the next task.
    • Submit + back to submit the Robin task and move back to the task list.
    • Cancel to revert any edits and move back to the task list.

Once a task form has been submitted, all fields are set as read-only. No further edits can be made to a submitted task.

After Robin Tasks Have Been Submitted

After a Robin task has been submitted, it is stored in Hero_Flow's internal tuple store. This information can be accessed by creating a Robin Input from the and selecting the corresponding Robin skill name.

After the Robin Input has been created, that data from the submitted Robin tasks can be used within an automated Flow.